03-Jan-2008 Uncategorized

the day in review

My first day back to work happened with my arrival later than planned. I have a computer in my ”office” connected 24/7 so I’m never far from the action — or the inaction. I have a radical idea that I plan to implement which should set some people spinning. It’s one of those ideas you have while you’re staring at the wall and thinking with a blank look on your face. My girlfriend is not a fan of this look. I think she’s told me that I look like I’m brain damaged whenever I’m doing a lot of internal thinking. Maybe so! All I have to say to that is… [long silence and blank stare].

After work we stopped at Bachman’s on Lyndale to pick up a new floral arrangement and have a look at a black Christmas tree that I’ve had my eye on for the last two months. The starting price was $640 — which was wayyy too cost prohibitive for me considering I’m now entering my Pay The Taxes phase where I do a lot of whimpering and whining about The Man and Texas Taxes near the end of the month. I only had to pay $128 after everything was discounted. Very nice. I could tell you how I got the 80% discount — but I won’t! ”Hey, this tree has asbestos in it!” Okay, I didn’t say that. Here’s the tree on Amazon. Am I going to put it up now that we’re in January? Hells yes I am.