31-Dec-2007 Uncategorized

the matrix: resolutions

Finding time to blog has proven a bit challenging. Have I been busy? Well, I’ve taken some paid time off from work, but I’m still ending up losing about 80 spare hours because of my schedule. I’m going to take that all in stride since I did get to have a fairly extensive tour of Austria in February. I also plan to make up for lost time by returning to Mardi Gras in 2008. If it’s good enough for Brad Pitt, then it’s good enough for me. And speaking of Brad Pitt — really nice guy. Hmmm. But where was I? It’s New Year’s Eve tonight and I’m heading out to Heidi’s for dinner with the Wadester and Aaron along with their signficant others. After that it’s off to Ciedrick’s at St. Thomas for college demographic bonding. I’ve been working on THEREALWORLDSYDNEY.COM and THEREALWORLDHOLLYWOOD.COM trying to make me some cashish. So far I’ve come up with three Google adsense banners and photos of the cast. I’m thinking that 18 to 25 year olds will be so incensed by being presented with un-clickable photos that they will have nothing better to do than click on the advertisements. Isn’t that how all advertising works? Well, if it isn’t — don’t tell me. I’m happy in my ignorant bliss. So…. right… I was going to put together a list of New Year’s resolutions. Making lists has also become somewhat of an arduous pain in the arse for me as well. I’m doing that at work all day. In lieu of an official list, I’ve been instead opting for the Optimistic Hopeful Remembrance. That is, if I remember whatever it is that I’m supposed to remember then k-rad awesome! I’m a brainiac mother f***ers! And…. if I *don’t* remember anything then I’m learning to live with the pain of disappointment. I’ll throw in a smidge of bettering myself in the future while I’m out it. I can’t remember half of anything I dream about either, so I figure this fits in nicely with the usual expected series of disappointments. Yeah. Hmmm. I’m talking about being disappointed that you can’t recall what you dreamt about, by the way. Man, this entry is deep. Deep dish deep.

So — the resolutions. I’m going to work on getting my Spider-Man body back. Want that! I’ve been on a low carb high protein and lotsa coffee binge and I’m back down to 171 pounds. I was tipping 180 there for a couple of days. Scary. I’m glad to say that I haven’t really lost a lot of muscle mass at least. I wasn’t tipping 180 because of muscle mass. Ahem. So whatever tipped me is the first thing to go. Next? More blog updates! I’ve got the phreaking iPhone on me. I can blog. I’ll bet most of you don’t know about significant events like, uhhh, oh I’ve seen The Police in concert, High School Musical on ice, Marilyn Manson, and I’ve driven the DeLorean up here from Houston, TX. Okay…. I know that’s not terribly impressive. I saw some shows and drove a car. Woo. Okay, okay, I’ll do more interesting things as well. Okay, I’m done with resolutions. Okay, bring on 2008. Let’s go. Cheers to everyone. Samantha, the families, Christina, Richard, Wade, Aaron, Breanna, Katherine, Dawn, Eiden, Kiran, Jack, Amy S, Nicole, and all the rest… here on Gilligan’s Isle. Ahem.