13-Oct-2007 Uncategorized


Waiting here at River-something salon as my girlfriend is getting her hair done. Today we are going for some red and dark blonde lowlights to mix in with her default Swedish blonde locks. This is the second time I’ve been here with the first being in mid June. I get my locks chopped at a place called Winston’s formerly called Tommy’s and formerly formerly called Schmidty’s. I think they also append the words “on Lake” to compound confusion as this is the land of 10,000 lakes. Al Franken and I get our hair done there as you may recall. There are so many blonde people here that there’s at least two others getting the same treatment. Ill snap a picture with my trusty iPhone for uploading later. The seating area here faces west and we got here at 12:45 and I’ve been frying myself waiting for a suitable shaded spot to appear. The reason why I bring this all up is that here we get free beer in the waiting area. That makes my exposure to potential skin cancer well worth it. Hot chocolate, water or even hot cider are waiting to be served to me at any time. Winston’s offers coffee or water only, but given that management has changed hands recently I’m thinking I can drop a few suggestions in between conversations with the aforementioned Al Franken as we discuss exactly how long the Al Franken Millenium will last. Best guess is somewhere in the year 2420 we’ll switch to using Stardate time thus invalidating the concept. At least he’s gonna be a U.S. senator to make up for this semi-pending loss.

For the record, I hate Paige from Degrassi.