03-Jan-2008 Uncategorized

movies you should see

I was thinking about posting a review about two films that I recently enjoyed, but instead I’m just going to tell you. JUNO and I AM LEGEND are really, really good! If you like laughing or having the crap scared out of you then these are the films for you. I’m told that since I like JUNO so much that I ought to watch the television series Arrested Development as it stars a number of the actors in JUNO. Okay, noted. Let’s see… what else to blog about? I’m going to have to cut this one short since I’m 4 hours behind on doing a build for one of my projects. I’ve been distracted by such notable events as when my girlfriend ”accidentally” racked me while making wild hand gestures and then ”accidentally” tossed a piece of orange at my eye while pealing an orange. Joy! My eye smells good, however. Bonus.