01-Mar-2008 Uncategorized

nude sushi

I was taken aghast at the concept of Nyotaimori. That’s the rare Japanese practice of eating sushi off of a naked woman’s body. Nantaimori is the dude version. Shocking, yet not surprising given the liberal maturity of Minnesota’s residents. My girlfriend Samantha informs me that a cast member from the reality television show THE SURREAL LIFE participated in this activity with MC Hammer and Corey Feldman abstaining. Why do I bring this up? There’s a nyotaimori / nantaimori event being held at a local Minneapolis restaurant called Temple on March 8th at 7:30 P.M. Intrigued? The cost is a whopping $75.00 per person and includes sushi, sake and champagne. The real question that I have is — how much of the $75 is for the sweat and body hair?