25-Sep-2009 Uncategorized

my work laptop, my enemy

My work laptop automatically receives updates to do little things to itself (that’s what she said) at odd times. Install something new here, update this, patch that… and all of these things usually conclude with the laptop rebooting itself without my approval. I’ve kept the machine pure — meaning I haven’t defiled any of the standard software and security measures that came with it. I’ve been tempted — don’t get me wrong. "It’s how they would have wanted it," is something I can say about the mysterious Desktop Support guys (and gals). With this in mind, I was not surprised this morning to find my laptop machine in a rebooted state. Sometimes I think it reboots like this when it knows I was in the middle of something important when I left it last. In fact, everything is super duper important when we get close to October 1st as we release all new functionality on that day every year. Pfft. This is definitely a blog entry not in favor of automatic updates. Windows used to do the same thing to me. I guess this is analogous to going to sleep next to someone and then the next morning you wake up to discover they left in the middle of the night. I need to surf urban dictionary to see if there’s a word for that.

I found a term that seems to match up:
Pulling the chute. Nice.

My machine appears to be back again so I must now end this brief return to blogging about the little stuff.

Go Gophers!