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29-May is mine!

I let the domain slip through my fingers years ago only to see some guy put up a cheesy family home page that was never updated and wreaked of ”hey I learned how to make HTML in Microsoft Word.” That’s over with today with my acquisition of the domain. I briefly considered parodying that […]


want to hide the Facebook Highlights section?

Don’t like the Highlights section on Facebook? If you don’t have Firefox yet, click here to download it. Next start Firefox and click here to install the GreaseMonkey Plug-in. Last click here to install the script. You may have to hit the F5 key to get it to kick in. If it isn’t working then […]


us versus them

I try not to get too political since I basically ride the fence as a moderate. I definitely lean more towards liberal politics with some exceptions which are more important to me and less important to you (so I won’t shove them in your face like a lot of other people will). Speaking of which– […]


texas taxes are cheaper?

Here’s a shocker. It’s actually gotten slightly cheaper to be a Texas property owner. I’m not sure how this happened, exactly. I was comparing the taxes I just paid earlier this week (which are due today) and discovered things weren’t as unreasonable as I’d foreseen. This is a lot of cash, of course, which I […]


delorean time machine for rent

Did you know that I have a DeLorean time machine for rent? Well, now I have a web site to get that point across. It’s a little rough around the edges at the moment, but I’m building up the additional pages. Nice! In other news… the marching band season is over, although I have to […]


attack of the show

In case you didn’t know about my 1989 Keaton Batmobile Replica, the G4TV network clued everyone in on it in a short piece they aired yesterday on their program ”Attack of the Show.” Want to see? Here’s a clip!


extreme wet makeover

The shoot for Extreme Home Makeover was fairly miserable. I knew this going in as the bus was being pelted with rain as soon as we left the UMN campus at 7:30 A.M. Upon our arrival we were scooted into a tent where we enjoyed a decent mini breakfast meal. Fun fact was that every […]


extreme home makeover

I need to post more! I have been in full band mode for the last 6 weeks. I’ve attended 4 games thus far (all of which we’ve won). Today we were in a farming community near Albert Lea, MN filming scenes for a December 2008 episode of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. It was raining on […]


the return to marching band

If you know me, you realize that I am not a typical 38 year old guy. I don’t choose to go down the beaten path that all others have taken. Why should I? It’s more fun if you run to the beat of your own drum. Why should I do what’s expected and predictable with […]