30-Mar-2005 lasik

the ebay song

Nobody bid on my car, even though there were 18 ”watchers” over the auction. I’ve re-listed the car here with some adjustments so I can avoid the re-listing fee. Good times. Buy my car.

Tuesday, Day Five: As far as LASIK goes, the improvements are in tiny increments. I’m very impatient. I drove the DeLorean to work thinking I’d need to help out Parker with some errands. That didn’t pan out, so I left early and worked from home for the rest of the day. I sense more furniture rearranging is coming since I am not having a pleasant Working From Home experience anymore. I worked out legs on Monday although I don’t feel any effect. I’m learning how to set up a DNS name server and that is proving to be interesting. I decided to use my SUPER-GENIUS.INFO domain as the name server’s domain. I understand that .NET domain are the most popular top level domains used for name servers, so hopefully this .INFO stuff won’t backfire on me. Bleah.

Wednesday, Day Six: I guess I’m noticing slight improvements. Fewer distortions appear on average as the day moves along. I wish I could walk outside and stare off into distance more often. It’s amazing. I’m learning how to abbreviate my LASIK testimonial when people ask me about it. My nighttime goggles cracked in half yesterday. I walked across the plaza to LasikPlus and they had a new pair waiting for me. Nice people. My car didn’t sell on eBay (as I mention in the beginning of this entry), so I decided I’d drive it to work today. I have a haircut scheduled at 5:30 PM and then later on I’m going to meet up with a friend from work who wants my antique cherry display thingy. I need to pick up the pace on my craigslist.org sales. I’m slacking.