23-Aug-2005 lasik

no more license restrictions

My errands before my departure to included hooking up my ancient fax machine so I could get proof of insurance for the day to get my car registration done, renewing my driver’s license, replacing a car battery, fixing the garage door, and packing up my Media Center PC and replacing it with my older Sony which I’d leave running in Houston. The highlight was at the driver’s license office. This is the same place where in December 1985 that I took my test and got my license to thrill. Right. They removed my Class A restriction which means I don’t have to wear glasses or contacts when driving. That’s a good thing considering it’s impossible for me to do that now that I’ve got my 20/20 vision going on thanks to LASIK. I ended up not being able to inspect my Eclipse like I’d wanted to, but whatever. Maybe next time? I got on the plane and after only a minor delay we took off. I lucked out and got first class this time around. When I was waiting to get in line some dude didn’t think I had first class and started to cut in front of me. I noticed and took a step forward, as if to say Nyah Nyah. The flight was uneventful, but when I got back into Philly some cabbie tried to gyp me into paying straight fare to the neighborhood I’m staying at. I had him turn the cab around and drop me off again. He kept saying he wanted to help me understand that Northern Liberties isn’t Center City. I tried to help him understand that whether he turns left or right from Callow Hill, he’s still going to have to drive the car three blocks. So it’s three blocks north instead of south. Why should I pay him a premium for that? Stupid cabbies. I found a cool guy in the next cab that agreed to take me home for the standard $25 fare. My coughing and hacking only kept me up until 2 AM. Not bad. There’s more, I’m sure, but this entry is already as big as my deckfer.