31-Mar-2005 lasik


Thursday, Day Seven: Let me just get this entry out of the way. For the most part, the number of instances where things get a little distorted has been greatly reduced. There are still halos and starbursts at night, but I can tell that they are also reducing in frequency. My left eye seems to be just a little over or under corrected (I can’t tell) but I’m getting used to it. If that’s not the case, the left eye is at least probably swollen or still slower to recover. I can see sharply with it, but there’s that slight little fog / distortion that is annoying if I am just using my left eye — which I never do, but I’m just being detailed with the details. The right eye is the eagle eye and also my dominant eye. Together my eyes are kicking ass with 20/20 vision. The terrible 20/2000 vision I had before the surgery will never be missed, even if it turns out my left eye is going to have this slight distortion while I’m healing. It only been 168 hours since my surgery, so I realize more changes / improvements are to come. Its good times in LASIK land.