28-Mar-2005 lasik

the lasik saga continues

Friday, (technically) Day One: The 1 PM meeting at LasikPlus indicated I’m seeing 20/20 out of my right eye and my left eye is around 20/40. There is swelling, however, and this is supposed to change and fluctuate over the next few days. I drove home from work today in my car without any problems whatsoever. I’m calling my right eye The Bionic Eye since it can see so sharply. Using a computer monitor has proven interesting since I’m fairly sensitive to brighter lights. I slept the first night with the goggles and didn’t have a problem. I have plenty of eye drops to put in my eyes whenever necessary. The fluctuating vision isn’t very different than when my contacts were dirty or fogging, so this isn’t really as alarming as it may sound. The only thing different is that I could take out my contacts back then. I did not go out on Friday night since I felt I needed to rest and take things easy for the next few days.

Saturday, Day Two: Upon waking up my vision was especially clear. My vision fluctuated a bit more during the day, although I felt sure that if I had been able to rub my eyes that things would have straightened out. Must not rub eyes! I say that aloud every time I get in a situation where I would have done so (e.g. waking up, taking a shower, etc). The right eye continues to be the bionic right eye and the left eye feels sharp, although there is some minor refraction which causes me to have trouble calling what I’m seeing sharp. Still, the swelling and the healing is what I’m dealing with. I know things will change as the days go on. I administer my antibiotic drops like clockwork and rewet the eyes with rewetting tears whenever I feel like it. No pain whatsoever, though, so that’s very nice. I went out on Saturday night to play pool. I sucked until we started playing nine ball. I still need a giant handicap added to make things fair. I swear that I’ve played less than 50 games of pool my entire life, so if I suck it isn’t my fault.
Went to bed around midnight.

Sunday, Day Three: Woke up around 9:30 AM. Did the drops. Goofed off most of the day. Went to lunch with my niece and dad to Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ve been wanting to go there since I’ve been back from Philly and this was the first opportunity to go where I wanted to go. Played some XBOX Halo 2 with Parker and his bro. Our network was set up with a new server and we worked out the kinks. My vision continues to improve. My left eye goes through bouts of being crystal sharp and then back to the weird refractive fuzz. It doesn’t matter how far or close anything is to that eye because the refraction is consistent. Working together with my right eye I feel like I’ve got 20/20 vision. My next appointment is a week from tomorrow (April 4, 2005). Went to bed around 9:30 PM.

Monday, Day Four: Vision is about the same today as it was yesterday. I have bouts of incredibly clear eyesight with both eyes. Occasionally it’s the left eye seeing well compared to the right, so I get to continue being patient while things are healing. I’d like to jump straight to my one month mark so I can know whether or not I’d need any enhancements done. Using the computer is increasingly easier. I now have taking a shower and not doing any eye rubbing down pat. It’s back to work in the meantime. I use my rewetting drops whenever I feel like it although I haven’t had any incidents where I felt like I had anything in my eye. In reading other testimonials people who’d recently had the procedure recalled feeling as if there was an eyelash in their eye itching at the cornea. I thought I felt that yesterday — so I was diligent and didn’t touch my eye. Upon closer inspection, however, I found that I really did have an eyelash in my eye. So, duh, I felt dumb. After washing that thing out everything was back to normal. My biggest concern of the day? Someone needs to bid on my car so I can get my Honda Element on!