09-Dec-2005 lasik

9 month update

Now that winter has set in the moisture in the air is nearly gone and my vision has had a slight change as a result. I was aware that getting LASIK during the winter is the best time to do it because your vision is slightly poorer during the cold dry months of the year and thus a correction will be more accurate. In the daylight I can still see 20/20 for the most part but in interior lighted conditions and at night my vision is definitely in the 20/40 range along with a slight touch of decreased sensitivity to contrast. When my next meeting comes up with LASIKPLus I intend to have a touch-up done on the right eye to sharpen things up. I can handle the nighttime starburst as long as the light source is nice and sharp. Still, I’m curious to see if my vision will improve again once winter is over. Considering I couldn’t see a thing before the surgery, I can easily accept the caveats. I drove two hours in the pitch dark the other evening so it’s not as if I can’t function. My over-corrected left eye was actually a really good thing since my left eye is still the stronger and crisper of the two. Good times. Vision Simulations has some image simulations that come close to demonstrating the night time goofy vision that I get. My starbursts are more like example #2. Here’s an example of the subtle ghosting and contrast loss you get during dim light and indoors. FYI, All of these examples are WAY worse than anything I’m experiencing, so don’t let me scare you off from LASIK. I’m still happy I did the surgury and would do it again in a heartbeat. If you had really poor vision to start off like I did prior to getting the correction, you’d completely understand the give and take involved when compared to not being able to see a thing before (without glasses or contacts).