28-Jan-2001 Uncategorized

pour your misery down on me

For those unaware, I wear hard gas-permeable contacts. You’re not supposed to wear them 24/7. I know that now. I used to think that was just
something they told you. Nope. When I woke up this past Monday my eyeball was wretching and
burning a bright luminescent color of red and orange. Went to the family doctor. Got sent to the opthamologist from there. They made me go there immediately.
Not wanting to lose my eye, I drove to the opthamologist with my one good eye. Got lots of bright lights, medicine drops and ointment liquids shoved into my eye. Got a tiny bottle of stuff
to put in it every 4 hours. All was well late the next day. The picture below of my eyeball was taken after my first return visit. There aren’t a lot of
afflictions that you can document with a picture. Well, I guess you could take a picture of your nasty green phlegm, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

Went to Jacksonville, Florida on business. Took some pictures. Lots of normal people there.
Nobody outstanding.
Prior to arriving I had to make a connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia. The airport had trashcans that said ”Thank You!” after you put something in them.
I did have some video of the verbally appreciative trashcans, but for the second
time in a row I have somehow lost the file. I also had video from this past New Year’s but that too is long gone. Maybe I need to re-read the manual. Okay.
Maybe I need to read the manual. Can I help it if I’m a guy?
I don’t need no stinking manuals!

My sleeping schedule was messed up this week so before I went to Florida I stayed up an entire night and drove to the airport the next morning. Why? Because
I was able to go to sleep whenever I wanted to after doing that. I slept on the plane. I took a nap at the hotel. I took a nap before dinner. It was great.
I woke up at 6 A.M. the next morning – perfect timing – and enjoyed being first in line for the free breakfast from The Hampton Inn lobby.
Scary thing about their free breakfast
was that all of the bacon looked identical – like they had been replicated or copied. The cranberry and apple juice was okay. The orange juice, however,
tasted like citrus flavored butt.