02-Jun-2008 Uncategorized


My blogging has been suffering as of late, but my productivity hasn’t. When I’m not juggling multiple projects at work, I’m coming up with crazy ideas for websites. At last count I have 25 projects in one state or another. Right now I’m posting to tell you all about LittleShia, my Mini Shia LaBeouf photography site. It was either this or a mini Jenna Jamison photography site, but I figured I wouldn’t get banned from Google Adsense if I picked the former vs. the latter. You should just visit LittleShia rather than expect me to explain exactly what the site is all about. All you need to know is that Grand Old Days in St. Paul Minnesota happened today and Little Shia came along for the ride. Samantha, Lauren, Abby and Dan are all guest stars in the first photo set of 75 pictures. My new Canon 40D camera is kicking ass left and right as you can see. These were shot using the automatic mode and the standard lens that came with the body. The last 4 or 5 shots use my EF macro lens and you can tell from the field of depth that it’s macro goodness all the way.

Enough about me. Check it out and expect another blog entry shortly.