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i think i’m paranoid

Senior Chief Commanding Officer Chris DiLeo ponders his next executive empowered decision: Bud? Or Bud Lite?

I get paranoid about once a month. I stress out about things and then after a few days of it I shake it off and go back to normal.
I’m in the middle of another paranoid episode. I am constantly thinking that everything is going smoothly… too smoothly. At
some point I’m going to be suddenly faced with reality and it’s going to suck. Or at least that’s what I think. This must be
from the Fall TV Season starting so late coupled with the steady stream of bad news. Even though things for me seem to be
going along okay, I’ve noticed that TV networks are particularly nasty about criticising the war, hooping up stories on the
unemployed and only finding the time to point out negatives. For example take the people of Pakistan. The
entire country isn’t against the war. And yet the news would have you believe the entire country is on the brink.
Not so. Complacency does not sell advertising time. Pretty boobies however, sell advertising time. Hmmm. Ugh. If we
could combine the bad news with pretty boobies, we’d live in a far better world. Okay, okay, there are exceptions.
I don’t want to see Barbara Walters doing 20/20 topless any time soon.

Okay. New subject: Sleep dentistry. What the hell is this? They knock you out on your ass and then fill your cavities.
What kind of a wimp has to have this done to them? I know the experience isn’t a fun one. I myself must have
some fillings redone as well as getting my first cap this December. I asked about getting white fillings and my dentist told
me flat out that they don’t last very long. He was pushing them in 1993, but now in 2001 he knows better. Nice guy.
Dr. Bennet Hanson, if you want a good dentist in Houston. I will also finally get my first whitening kit from the dentist.
My natural tooth color is not appealing to me and I’m ready to enter The Vanna White zone. So, anyway, sleep dentistry. I
heard an ad for this on the radio while driving into Center City (what they call Downtown in Philadelphia). Every little
borrough or neighborhood has their own name. It gets confusing sometimes. Man, am I not able to concentrate on the subject or
what? Okay, so the dentist gives you a pill and you’re out. The ad made a big deal about it being a pill. However, they also
used the notion that having an uncontrollable gag reflex might be a good reason to use sleep dentistry. Do you think gag
reflex people will be able to swallow a big horse pill? Heather Miller, a friend from high school (and a total hottie that I wish
would have jumped me), was not able to swallow big pills. Heather, if you are reading this, give me a call. I have some
swallowing lessons that I’d like to give you.

Okay, so this is going to be an x-rated journal entry. I see. How inappropriate since I have been finding friends on
Philly Matchmaker. Someone wrote me and told me I shouldn’t have to get on Matchmaker to meet people. I agree.
But where? I met a really sweet girl through my Single CoWorker friend although I have been TERRIBLE at sending emails, so
I am probably in the doghouse. This week has been mostly me sleeping, working, sleeping, working. I have been extremely
productive, however. Goofing off by myself at the mall is still a major drag. I know, I know. ”Wah wah. I’m all alone. Wah,
wah. Feel sorry for me. Wah, wah. That’s not a flashlight in my pocket.”

Another stupid ad I heard on the radio recently was this Name a Star registry. You pay these geniuses $48 and you get to name a star.
Is this official? I seriously doubt it. It would be funny if it was. If I could do it, I would name my star Butt Monkey Hoocharama.
Either that or something equally offensive. I am sure little kids living on planet SuperMark would look up at the sky
and marvel at the beauty of Butt Monkey Hoocharama as it sets and night falls across the land. Oh, yeah, I get to name the planets,
too, dammit… I named the star after all, so why do I have to stop there?

I am drinking tomato juice with a lime in it. It is tasty. Right now I’m flying on a Boeing 767-300 to my layover in Atlanta.
This is a huge f’ing plane with 2 seats, an aisle, 3 seats, another.
aisle, and two more seats. I am sitting in row 45, okay? Take off was fun, like being on an amusement park ride.
AirTran flies smaller Boeing 717s and their take off feels more like a kiddy ride at the zoo.
I have some things I still need to post. Here, I’ll do that right now. Below are
photos of my friend Dawn and I when she was visiting in July. I owe her a copy of them on CD, so hopefully this will smooth over
my slow to burn a CD ass. To summarize, we start with the airport parking lady’s fingernails which I thought looked so cool that
I had to take a picture. Next was our day to visit Independence Hall and The Libery Bell. We spent time at The City Pub or whatever
you call it. Next was on to South street for some tasty pizza. Dawn decided this was a good time as any to get a tattoo. I think it turned
out very nicely. The next day we visited the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts and topped the day off with a trip to an old prison that was
being restored. I have
for you
to watch
and enjoy.
We end everything with post-Madonna concert photos. Madonna was awesome. Having 7th row tickets didn’t hurt. Yay, Madonna.
Okay. That’s enough. Enjoy!





































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