07-Oct-2008 Uncategorized

extreme home makeover

I need to post more! I have been in full band mode for the last 6 weeks. I’ve attended 4 games thus far (all of which we’ve won). Today we were in a farming community near Albert Lea, MN filming scenes for a December 2008 episode of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. It was raining on us for the most part, although the brass section did get to go inside the house and film a quick scene that you’ll see near the end of the episode before the family arrives. Lots of takes. Fun. I’m in a hurry to shower and rendezvous with the girlfriend this evening for her weekly round of allergy shots. I’ll try to post a more generously detailed update within the next few days. No promises. If you’ve got me on your Facebook then you’ll know that I’m updating a lot more frequently over there, although I only blog here out of faith to my original blog. I should whine about how my Houston, Texas house sustained some minor damage, but compared to what happened to a lot of other people I suppose I got off pretty light.

Okay, more later.