04-Aug-2008 Uncategorized

quark on dvd! at long last!

I can’t believe that QUARK is finally coming to DVD. It only took 30 years. I suppose the recent success of GET SMART at the theaters has given SONY cause to look in their vaults for other Buck Henry classics. The little known series QUARK aired a mere eight episodes in 1978. I watched many of them during the only airings (and managed to tape record some on cassette). I’ve had a fan site online at QUARK.NAME online since November 2004 when I felt interest for QUARK had started to wane. I previously offered all the episodes for download, but have since taken them down. In their place I have a copy of today’s press release and a link to the QUARK: THE COMPLETE SERIES DVD on Amazon. I may put together a commercial or two, perhaps. Nice!

Quark: The Complete Series