21-Apr-2008 Uncategorized

keg stand

I was pulling my hair out this afternoon trying to figure out why a group of servers we manage were dying 30 seconds after being restarted. We turned them off. We did some probing. We turned them on. Dead. Repeat. Eventually we decided to evaluate everything that connects to everything else. Nothin’. When we figured we’d turned over every rock we decided to just turn everything back on and hope for the best… and it worked. No smoking gun. Everything just works now. How?! I don’t know how. I’m not going to sleep tonight until I figure out what the deal is/was.

This past weekend saw the girlfriend and I visiting Breena and Chris’ place for Bree’s Birthday Party. It was an evening of firsts for both Samantha and I. It was our first keg stand experience. It was also Samantha’s second and third keg stand experience. We played Flip The Cup Over On The Edge Of The Table. I believe that was the official name of that particular activity. I had such a great time that I’m thinking about throwing one of those here in the hella-expensive Uptown condo this summer. Check back here on this topic. That is all. Class dismissed.