03-Dec-2006 movie reviews

tenacious d: pick of destiny

I saw TENACIOUS D: THE PICK OF DESTINY yesterday at the Southdale. I learned two things while I was sitting in the theater. One, that the Southdale Mall is the oldest indoor mall in the United States. That’s not too hard to believe since it’s freakin’ 3 degrees outside right now. The second thing I learned was that Jack Black and Kyle Glass have created a classic. I’ve got a clip of their first meeting from the film below. This is RATED R and pretty much NSFW as far as the audio goes. Great movie. Great cameos. The comedy is about 7.5 and the music is a 9. I wish the movie didn’t tank so bad at the box office. CASINO ROYALE and the HAPPY FEET buried this film, sadly. It’s 1:30 AM right now so this review is over. Hit the play arrow thingy if you want a taste of the D.