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I attended the 2003 Henri David Halloween ball with my co-workers Heather and Kevin along with corresponding friends DC Ellen, Philly Ellen, and Denise. While most of the photos are of us, I did manage to do some walking around during the party and got a few shots here and there of the attendees. My camera was having some trouble (it has since been replaced with the new Canon Digital Rebel). There were a few thousand people packed the hotel where the party was held. Whoever was in charge of their bar situation was a total moron. You had to stand in two lines to buy a drink. One to buy a ticket to buy a drink and another to order the drink. Dumb. What is this, a freakin' carnival? This definitely discouraged tipping. Sometimes a ticket table would run out of domestic beer or imported beer tickets. Nice. So you waited in a long line only to be told they didn't have a ticket for the type of drink you wanted, you were screwed. We were fairly irritated at their poor alcohol distribution abilities and decided to leave after an hour. I'd go again next year if they can work out the quirks. I'm reminded of something Marilyn Manson said on his recent Golden Age of Groteque DVD, ''Stop rehearsing alcohol and start performing narcotics.'' Enjoy.



Bio Journal Movies Photography Portals Wishlist

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