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My 1989 Keaton Batmobile Replica
 2002: i told u i was batman
 2000.05.09: call me marky mcfly
Houston Art Car Ball 2001
 2001: driving in the dome
DeLorean Time Vehicle Maintenance
 2000.05.08: fixing up my dream
Houston Art Car Parade 2000
 2000: spare time on parade

THE MATRIX Poster Parody
 2000.05.19: Keanu gets replaced
In The News Tonight
 1996: how not to prepare a resume

journals and history
Pat's vs. Geno's Cheesesteaks
 2002: there is a difference!
The Krups Coffina Grinder 223-A
 2001: mr. fusion on a budget
Proper Sushi Technique
 1999: dead fish and good times
Huntsville, Alabama Road Trip
 1996: star trek and hallucinations
Lonesome Kicker
 life excerpts from michael mcginley
My BBS & Youthenasia
 the early 90s precursor to MP3
My LASIK Experience and Testimonial
 how the super genius got his 20/20

party photos
ROCK STAR Premiere in Los Angeles, CA
 2001.09: who DIDN'T we see?
Night at Number's
 2000.12.22: i won't win a pulitzer for these
More Number's
 2001.01.19: sony moon button works magic
Even More Number's
 2001.02.02: can i shoot your head?
New Years Party @ Pike & Adam's
 2000.12.31: tequila shots & fine champagne
Company Party
 2000: my generic company party photos
Henri David Halloween Ball
 2003.10.31: philadelphia halloweening
Scot & Gary's Halloween Party
 2000.10.28: more drinking and more mixing
Scot & Gary's Halloween Party
 1999.10.30: drinking and halloween mix
1989 JVHS Class Reunion
 1999.10.09: how time affects classmates
New Years Party @ Jerald's
 1996.12.31: the night pick-up lines worked
Meeting Oliver North
 1995: the super-genius gives him advice
Mark Manson
 1999: you are what you listen to
Mark on Sleeping
 1996: poppies will make them sleep

Eastern State Penitentiary
 2001: you're going to jail
Casio Wrist Camera Photo Fun
 2001: watch my camera my watch
Richard Simmons Scissor-Paper-Rock
 2001.09: yes... THE Richard Simmons
The Borg™ Cube
 1996: resistance is easy with magnets
Stapled Phone Pole
 1997: damn that's a lot of nails!

in the news
Elementary School
 1976: cross your eyes and smile
The Phone Book
 1993: is captain picard there?

Bio Journal Movies Photography Portals Wishlist

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