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roommate abuse

2001.07.31 17.44

Working on my review as well as a section on the Philadelphia experiment (otherwise known as all of the touristy things I did last weekend when Dawn was in town). In other news, my luck couldn't be any better. 1. I got the hotel room with the kitchenette, two TVs, a living room and a fridge that constantly threatens to catch fire in the middle of the night. 2. My rental car this time around is a sporty red Dodge Avenger. Guess they don't have a neverending supply of disposable Kia cars at Avis. 3. Something I said in my blog made it all the way to my management. Gotta love it. Click on the picture to your right and check out what happens when I disagree with my roommate about kitchen countertops.

second time's the charm

2001.07.30 17.44

I saw ''Planet of the Apes'' again on Friday. My view has completely changed and I'm giving this work of art a positive thumbs up. My review will be forthcoming. I also bought the soundtrack. It rocks. Very Batman-esque. Where can I buy a Danny Elfman bust?

Pat Croce  Imposter
Mark Shields  day 26 [Ft. Washington, PA] imposter

To the right you'll see two very similar guys. The one on the left is Pat Croce, president of the Philadelphia Sixers basketball team. Very flamboyant and intriguing when he speaks. The guy on the right IS A CLONE FROM OUTER SPACE. Okay. Not really. Although I did made an ass out of myself by walking up to the fake Croce guy at the ''Planet'' premiere and congratulating him on the past season. ''I have no idea what you're talking about,'' he said. I was like, ''What? You know, Mutombo. Iverson. Your dudes! The team! Hey, are you gonna go over there and kick Shaq's ass right now?'' I motioned toward where Shaquille O'Neal was standing. ''Leave me alone!'' He stomped off with his Lucy Liu lookalike girlfriend. I couldn't believe it! He was a clone for crying out loud. I decided not to make any more guesses about who someone was. Just blatantly obvious celebrities would get my ''congratulations!'' treatment. Bill Paxton was there, but I didn't recognize him. He's gotten Puffy. And I'm not talking about Puffy Combs. Speaking of, Puffy Combs looked exactly like he does on TV. Helena Bonham Carter, however, was completely unrecognizable for me. She was gorgeous, of course, but I've seen ''Fight Club'' so many times that I was expecting a frizzy haired chick with bruises and hickeys on her neck to show up.

Reviews are coming in for Planet and they are generally panning the film while still admiring its beauty and texture. Unfortunately, the critics wanted a stronger story and better dialog. I am sure the movie will do boffo box office this weekend and most likely drop off 50% (as usual for this summer) next week. The next film out from Wahlberg, ''Metal God'', will erase any doubts about his performance in Apes which was the best he could do given the material. I really liked the film, but I think there were a number of things that could have been done differently. I definitely need to get into that line of work and expand my creative abilities. People I know in Houston have very recently left me somewhat disillusioned by their lack of depth and the size of their ego. When you have things falling into your lap with minimal effort it is quite obvious that a blind monkey in a pink nightgown could have done the same damn thing. It's kind of like the guy at the box office of a movie theater taking credit for how well the movie did. Duh! But I digress.


2001.07.24 17.45

My friend Dawn, whom I've known since we were in elementary school, attended the Madonna concert with me on Sunday, July 22nd. I hadn't really spent much time with Dawn since we'd gone backpacking for six weeks through Europe in 1992. We went our separate ways and didn't really hang out after the trip was over. It was more than just a trip. We were the trip. Part of the problem was that we were just friends and hadn't stopped to think that we'd get on each other's nerves after being stuck together non-stop for over 700 hours. We took a breather on the friendship with only a few visits in between until now. I'm happy to say that the friendship seems healed. Of course, Madonna gets some credit, as does the fact that Philly turned out to be really fun. Little did I know!

My new view of Dawn can be summarized in just a few sentences. She loves her cell phone. She can style her hair in many ways. She can make body altering decisions within a short period of time. She gets grumpy if she misses a meal. She has fantastic sense of direction. She has lots and lots of patience. I, on the other hand, hate my cell phone. I can only style my hair one or two ways (messy or not messy). I'd need a drill sergeant to convince me to alter my body. If I miss a meal, I'm cool with it -- my ''Computer Job Gut'' could do with a little starvation diet now and then. I have a sh*tty sense of direction -- I could get lost in a Super K-Mart without really trying. And I have lots and lots of patience -- except when I want to get to the Madonna concert really early but Dawn is convinced we should go hunting for the red church doors from the film ''The Sixth Sense.'' We eventually compromised on that last point, by the way, so all good.

So, after a weekend filled with visiting the Metropolitan Bakery, Sixth Street, the Libery Bell, Independence Hall, the City Tavern, a tattoo parlor, the Art Museum, Eastern State Penitentiary and the aforemented ''Sixth Sense'' churches, we were on our way to see the biggest pop icon on the earth (next to Kermit the frog, of course). We arrived at at the First Union Center at 6:45 PM and quickly acquired beverages. Dawn took some ''How To Pour Beer'' classes and gave me the skinny on the fact that Budweiser was good and Bud Light has less calories and tastes like sh*t. I'll remember that. Wahlberg was drinking a Bud Lite at the premiere. Maybe I should have told him. No matter. We entered the center and found our seats in the 7th row of the center section. We were freaking dead center. Amazing. After a quick bathroom break prior to the start of the show, we settled in our seats and prepared to be entertained by the queen of pop. And we were. A lot. She kicked ass. The woman can tease and taunt and evoke reactions and emotions whenever she wants. Very impressive. Reminded me of how I felt when I saw ''Tomb Raider.'' [sigh]. Where was I? Oh. Madonna's set (in order) included Drowned World/Substitute for Love, Impressive Instant, Candy Perfume Girl, Beautiful Stranger, Ray of Light, Paradise (Not for Me), Frozen, Nobody's Perfect, Mer Girl, Sky Fits Heaven, Mer Girl (reprise), I Deserve It, Don't Tell Me, Human Nature, Oh Dear Daddy, Secret, You'll See, Lo Que Siente la Mujer, La Isla Bonita, Holiday and Music for the final encore. Apparently she'd been singing ''Gone'' in earlier shows but replaced it with ''You'll See'' for the first time during the tour that night. I didn't notice some of the technical problems she was having during Mer Girl (guitar issues according to the press). The show was beautifully choreographed and was entertaining for every second that it went on. I can't wait until the HBO special of her show comes out next month. My final rating for the concert? 5 out of 5. I got two t-shirts. One black 'official' 40 dollar shirt. And one 'Dude Selling Bootleg Shirts on the Side of the Road' shirt for a tensky. Not bad.

Before the concert started there was some talk about a guy dressed up as an 80's Madonna sitting in the front row. Some people said he was a medical student going to every Madonna concert during her tour. However, some minor research revealed he'd been involved in a male Madonna look alike contest on Friday in Philly. I don't know if the medical student rumor was true, but dude, he looked like a chick. What a mean trick (for me). Luckily Dawn's ''That Is Really A Guy'' perceptive skills eliminated any thoughts that had begun to form in my head when I saw him... her... uh... him from afar.

One last order of business is the fact that my dog Chew-Chew has successfully driven my roommate up the wall. I plan to properly convert the storage room into Chew Chew's shelter and install a doggy gate for him to enter it at will when I return to Houston this weekend. I will also be putting up two fences to keep him in the backyard and sides of the house. He has the bad habit of running outside into the street every time the garage door opens and potentially getting flattened by any other cars that might be driving by. Not good. Some obedience training is definitely in order, but that will have to wait until I return. Apparently the roommate doesn't like getting jumped on and slobbered on every time she comes home. My dog shouldn't be doing that. That's what boyfriends are for.


2001.07.24 1.32

Yo. Tired. Sleepy. Groggy. Let me give you the skinny on the premiere of Planet of the Apes and tomorrow afternoon I'll go over Dawn & The Madonna Experience.

Woke up early and dropped off Dawn at the airport. This will make sense when I recurse through the week. Running through what happened tonight so it will be fresh. Went to Montgomeryville Mall to make a last ditch effort to get my contact lenses. They arrived at 1 PM, but the LensCrafter people told me they wanted to 'hydrate' my lenses for 24 hours. Begged for a reprieve. Got one. Bought fancy shmancy clothes from Macy's after many visits to the dressing room. My ensemble would include my patent leather black shoes with the yellow soles, black Tommy Hilfiger carpenter jean pants, glossy silver black DKNY dress shirt and a black grid on yellow tie by Ralph Lauren. Left Philadelphia at 2:30 PM. Arrive in New York around 4:00 PM. Checked into hotel room at the Hilton, directly across the street from the Ziegfeld. I could see the red carpet from outside the window, albeit on the 23rd floor. Room 2306. I remembered it by thinking it was one less that 24/7. Walked down to premiere in plain clothes and snapped some setting up photos. Ran back to the room and took a quick shower and dressed. Went back downstairs feeling like a bad ass. Took lots of pictures. The Wahlberg staff arrived around 7:30 PM (an hour late probably due to the traffic). Eric (aka E-Factor) waived me in to the red carpet, but it turned out I should have gone to the Will Call booth instead. Eventually I did and got my transparent blue envelope with Planet of the Apes premiere passes as well as Club Ape after-party tickets. Went inside and got a good seat on the aisle. Took pictures of the seats with the reservation names on them (including Mark Wahlberg, Charleton Heston, Tim Roth, Tim Burton, etc). Took a phone call from my friend Dawn who inquired what was going on. Told her Pierce Brosnan was 15 feet away. Some friends of Lucy Liu (of Charlie's Angels fame) were seated to my right, although Liu wasn't there. Saw the movie. The plot could have been stronger, but all in all I can't wait to see it again. Wahlberg was a kick ass action hero in the role, so that wasn't any factor in the plot. After the premiere I went into the lobby and stood next to P. Diddy (AKA Puffy Daddy, AKA Shawn Combs). We bumped elbows. He got over it. I also saw Kris Kristopherson quite a bit, as well as the lead actor for The Sapranos. You know, what's his name. Lilith something or other from Mystic Pizza fame was there and I marveled at her beauty. Always had a crush on her and never expected her to be here. The after-party was one block over near the David Letterman theater on 53rd (the premiere was on 54th). Walked. Club Ape featured a dancer in Ape regalia dancing while two 'human' females danced in little cages. Very kinky. I liked it, of course. I told Mark Wahlberg ''congratulations'' on a job well done. I doubt he recognizes me as it has been over a year since ''Perfect Storm' and I am now in disguise as Evil Mark. His manager didn't even recognize me. Regardless, Wahlberg was working the VIP section with ease (which Eric was kind enough to allow me into). Mark gave his full attention to everyone who asked for a picture or a handshake or an autograph. Felt proud to be running his site. I also met Tim Burton and congratulated him and shook hands. He is exactly as you might imagine -- dark sunglasses and very much the artist. I told Burton I couldn't wait to get the DVD. Lots of pressure on him since the cost of the movie was upwards of 100 million and there is tons of cross promotion going on all over the place. Jules Asner of E! Entertainment was also at Club Ape. She looked like The Bomb. At one point she had to squeeze past where I'd been standing to get to the other side. We were THISCLOSE. It was great. Then her boyfriend squeezed by and we were THISCLOSE. That part wasn't so great. Got to pitch my company to three different folks, all of which apparently were Fox contractors. Took around 75 photos of the entire night. Got around 30 or so of Wahlberg to entertain the fans on (hi guys!). I walked back to the Hilton and startled typing this blog in for your enjoyment. Going to crop one or two photos in PhotoShop and post this update on my web site. Then I'm going to CONK OUT and try to wake up early in the morning for the trip back to Philly. Have to go to work tomorrow so I'm not totally thrilled about the drive back. Getting here was insanely easy, however, so I will definitely be making a return visit. Yee haw!

i'm going to get my monkey!

2001.07.23 17.47

I need to update you on the Madonna concert last night (fantastic) as well as on the Planet of the Apes premiere that is going on tonight. As I'd mentioned earlier, they were able to snag me one single ticket, so I'm about to pick up some fancy shmancy clothes from The Mall to take with me to New York. The premiere is at the Ziegfeld theater tonight, and I'm staying at the Hilton next door. Got the butterflies again, but I also have a digital camera that can take 170 high res pics. I'm going to conquer tonight. When I tell you about the Madonna concert and how this dude in front of me brazenly took roll after roll of pictures. My little wrist camera photos are very sad, indeed. You'll see them, too. But I must go now. Check back late tonight for an update from Metropolis. I'll tell Superman you said hi.

anger management

2001.07.13 17.49

Friday the 13th today. Planes don't normally start crashing on this day, so nothing to fear. Wondering why some buildings don't have a 13th floor, while some do. When I was working for a client in Florida it was on the 13th floor. Nothing but good stuff happening there. My favorite number is 8, however. Someone asked me this once long ago, so I just picked it and stuck with it. Good thing to know in case you ever have to cross a bridge and you're being quizzed by one of those Monty Python guys.

At the Atlanta airport again. No delays... yet. Some lady walking by in the hallway just screamed out "COME ON!" at her kid for not keeping up with her. He was, like, 3 years old. Witch. She yelled so loud she started me and my fellow gate C-15 people. I almost yelled back but couldn't think of a witty rejoinder. It was a tie between ''NOOOOOOOO!'' and ''I TOLD YOU I HAVE THE RUNS!''

Absolutely beautiful blonde woman in a blue dress is sitting 7 rows ahead from me in the waiting area. Walking off now carrying what looked like a Frederick's of Hollywood plastic shopping bag. Do they give those out? Man, I'm never buying anything from there. Victoria's Secret bags are at more conservative and inconspicuous. This bag had giant stars on it. I could be wrong, however. Uh oh. Now I'm wondering what's in there? There was a tall brunette girl at the terminal in Philadelphia wearing tight wait pants and very obviously a white thong beneath them. This really old man and his teenaged grandkid were behind me, all smiles. I love this country. We're not half-assed backwards like Pakistan, for instance. I was watching ''48 Hours'' on CBS last night and they were talking about these ''Cleansing Murders'' that happen there when a girl in a family becomes unclean for being raped or having premarital sex. Someone in the family kills her and the authorities only punish the guilty parties. They were interviewing some fat ass Pakistani dude who had killed his sister because she had been raped and brought shame to the family. Too bad we couldn't put him into the luxurious Huntsville, Texas prison system for 40 years. He got six months. He was talking about how ''when a girl is damaged like that, you throw her away.'' What a jerk! They ought to line these people up and kick everyone of them in the nads with steel toed boots. Some of these practices date back to the Ottoman empire. Again, classic example of stupid people.

I am seriously thinking about changing the format of my site to something more like The Onion. I'd probably rename this the ''Super Genius Speaks'' section. I don't want to re-invent the wheel, I just need to expand beyond what is happening to me because the earth is full of observations that are obviously being overlooked. I am also planning on moving my site to another server without a 200 MB download limit. I'll warn you (all 5 of you) in advance of the move. To be honest, I get more hits from people looking for the ''YOUR DAUGHTER KICKED MY DOG'' sound file than I do for anything else. I ought to record an entire series of sequels to that. I think I could do an impression of the infamous Kerpal. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to the Creations section and check out the Comedy Audio files.

This is the last time I'm in Houston until after Madonna and ''Planet of the Apes'' is over. I need to make a list, but I will spare you the boring tedium of what will be on it. The next time I get back I'll have a roommate fully moved in, a kitchen to redesign, siding and storm drains to contract the installation for, as well as a patio to build. After that is over I will work out the logistics of finding the perfect video projector and hot tub (not necessarily in that order). I'll then relax and concentrate on avoiding going backrupt. I think I'm going to make someone's day at First USA and move all of my credit card bills to them. It's the little things in life that make it so special. That, and beer. Mmmmm. Beer.

i must make a list

2001.07.13 17.48

I have 40 hours to accomplish all of my goals this weekend before I have to leave for Philly again. This includes falling asleep two times. I figure if I can sleep just 8 hours total I will get 32 useful hours. I will need at least two showers in there, so there goes another 40 minutes (I'm a guy, a shower is fast and to the point. I lather up completely, but there's no point in reveling in it -- especially if you're alone in the shower). Snort, snort. Grunt, grunt. I assume another 20 minutes will be wasted due to bio breaks, trying to fall asleep, trying to wake up and passing gas. Okay, that's gross. I didn't mean to steep that low. Okay. Yes, I did.

best westerns

2001.07.11 17.49

Plans are shaping up. I have confirmation that I will be attending the premiere for ''Planet of the Apes'' in New York on July 23rd. One night after Madonna. Maybe she'll attend the premiere? That would be more than kick ass. Because tickets are so tight I may be the only person going according to my gracious source. I think things will calm down with ''Rock Star'' when that premieres in September. Need to figure out how to break it to the dudes in the office who think they're going. Maybe a nice jar of candied pecans will soften the blow. Hmmm. Maybe some grass brownies would do? They probably wouldn't even notice. ''Wow, I'm even more higher than I just was!''

Was clicking through the channels here at the hotel when suddenly butt named people were on my TV screen. I examined the remote and noted I was not watching HBO or ''Sex and the City.'' I haven't seen any episodes of that show (''Sex'') since New Year's. So, anyway, there was porno on my TV (or pr0n, if you prefer). Of course I turned away and covered my eyes. I then ran into the corner and cried for a few minutes. I then recovered and tried to improve the reception by fiddling with the tuning knobs. Dammit. No good. It turns out I was watching someone's pay per view movie because the tape ended and this selection screen came up immediately thereafter. So now someone has been trying to figure out what they want to watch next. They've been toying with making a selection for the last 15 minutes. Pick something already! I wish I knew what room they were in, because I have recommendations.

I ordered room service two nights ago (Monday night). Got the Tandoori Grill special. Remember, The Palace of Asia indian restaurant is attached to the hotel, so that's the source of all the food. It wasn't that great. I keep forgetting how bland some Indian foods are. They can be spicey on occasion but not Texas Spicey in this instance. This Indian food dude shows up at my door to deliver my dinner. I sign for the food. He kinda waits there so I put two and two together to mean he's waiting for his tip. All I have are twenties. I ask him if he has change. He says he does. He pulls out two fives and a ten and hands them to me. I hand him my twenty. I give him a five and he starts to hand me the twenty BACK. I'm like, ''No, no... you have to keep that.'' He insists. I switch the money back to where I'm holding my original twenty. The conversation then goes like this.

Me: ''Okay, I have twenty, and you have twenty. Right?''

Food Dude: ''Okay. No problem. Right you are sir.''

Me: ''So, let's switch our money and... now... we both still have twenty, right?''

Food Dude: ''Okay, we both have twenty, yes yes.''

Me: ''Now I'm gonna give you five... so now you have twenty-five. Get it? Twenty-five. That's five more than twenty.''

Food Dude: ''Ohhhhhhhhhh!''

Me: ''Riiiiiight.'' [slams door]

in flight

2001.07.08 17.50

I'm on a plane again returning to Philly. As usual, I've reduced the font size on my screen to near microscopic levels so nobody can see what I'm typing. It's not that I am saying anything bad about anybody, but I am sure there are looky loos behind me curious to see what Mr. Nice Laptop Computer Man is typing. I am flying AirTran airways. They suck. There was a layover in Atlanta that I just got out of and, as usual, there were delays there. They never have a problem getting me to Atlanta, just letting me leave. It's like some kind of forced tourism. I don't like it there. I have a friend who lives around there named Richard Noble. I haven't been able to get in touch with him for a few years, now. Richard, are you reading this? Send me an email, home boy.

Decided that I'm going to take my lifelong friend Dawn to the Madonna concert. I have known Dawn since she was in second grade, or thereabouts. I was in fourth grade, so don't get any ideas about knocking me for dating younger women. We've never dated. If you look up platonic relationships, there is a picture of us there. We went to Europe together and had a pretty good time. I was more immature and obnoxious back then. Okay, so I'm more mature now. I am able to control the obnoxious behavior through the combined use of yoga and coffee.

I have had a lot happen since my last update nearly two weeks ago. Lost a contact lens in my sink while I was getting ready one morning. That sucked, but not as much as AirTran Airlines suck. I prefer Continental. Where was I? Oh, right. I was blind in one eye. The problem is I can drive with only one contact, but there is no room for error. If something bad happens to that eye then I'm screwed... even more screwed than AirTran Airways. So, I went to Montgomeryville Mall and visited LensCrafters. The doctor there was a hottie. I couldn't complain. The girl who got my glasses prescription filled out was a hottie. I picked out a pair of glasses with smaller than normal frames that had the label ''Gun Metal'' on them. I like them. They are pretty. I have not worn any contact at all for nearly a week now. This is bad because my eyes change shape (and prescription) after I stop wearing them for a prolonged time. However, LensCrafters tell me they will redo my glasses to adjust for the difference, as well as adjusting the pair of contacts I bought to replace the old pair. I have gotten so used to wearing the glasses that I am almost sad to have to go back to the contacts. That won't happen. I stopped wearing glasses in 8th grade, not about to fall back. My friend Hamish from work (the aforementioned Other Super Genius) has suggested getting laser surgery and permanently fixing my vision. My vision is pretty bad. Something like -6 and -10 (whatever that means) in my left and right eyes respectively. Without glasses or contacts, I have to hold things about 4 inches away from my eyes to read them. Real nice gift, eh? I'd prefer being allergic to kryptonite instead.

The weather in Philly is always real nice. 75 to 80 degrees or so with very little humidity. The drivers aren't too bad. I can hear Howard Stern live in the mornings. There are these guys named Opie and Anthony that I listen to on my drive home. I am back at the Ft. Washington Best Western. The place still looks like hell even though the flood happened something like three weeks ago. I would update a picture of it if I had my camera. Loaned it to my roommate who went to New York. I found an even better newer and more kick ass version of my camera at Best Buy this past weekend. I hate how they always come up with cooler and better stuff every 6 months. This camera uses sonar and infrared to focus, and has a retractible lens for wider angle shots. It's purty, too. But at $699 a pop that is pretty heavy duty. Remodeling the house is also proving expensive. The bathroom is running approximately $1500. The kitchen is going to kick my ass. I am almost thinking I should hold off while I catch my indebted breath. I had a laundry list of items to take care of that my roommate left. I didn't do most of them. I'm a bad roommate. I should be spanked. I'll keep my fingers crossed, eh? (Riiiight).

May I rant for a moment about stupid people? I have a problem with them. First of all, there are a lot of them. Secondly, they tend to find each other and breed, very often out of wedlock. They also tend to have stupid kids. Granted, there are exceptions, but some people are so stupid that I think they ought to get their reproductive rights suspended. There was this girl I had on my webcam portals section a while back. She had her own blog and was always ready to complain about people who would write her and ask if she would show off her body for the camera. She was a real cutie and I couldn't blame them. Her responses to compliments and/or begging for better viewers of her hottie body were always a variation on the ''I'm not like that! I'm innocent! I'm saving it! Stop staring at my boobs!'' theme. She had this older looking boyfriend who also had his own site. My Super Genius research revealed he was about 5 years older than her. Let's just say she was most definitely a minor in Texas and he wasn't. While pretending to be an extremely conversative person in her blog, it eventually turned out that she was boinking this older guy and got pregnant. I didn't realize this had happened, however, until just a few weeks ago. Ya see, months and months ago she suddenly stopped updating her webcam and took her site down with no explanation. I didn't really give it much pause because I figured she was just another flakey presence on the internet... until her idiot boyfriend suddenly posted a message on his site that said he'd been busy and to check out the pictures of his new son. Curious, I clicked on the link and, sure enough, there was the M.I.A. webcam girl looking quite chubby holding up their newborn baby. Stupid people suck. Condoms. They are EVERYWHERE. I know some people may disagree with me here, but I'm telling you, stupid people suck. Although, not as much as AirTran. Could we find a way to round up the stupid people and send them to Gilligan's Island or something?

Got a haircut while watching ''Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?'' Clooney is amazing in it. The Coen Brothers should be cryogenically frozen at their deaths, they are just so good. I can't wait to see it again. I didn't get to finish the whole thing, but I will. If you have the means, I highly recommend it. Another film I saw a couple of weeks ago was A.I. I loved it. You will either love it or hate it ... or both. There are so many scenes that are both awesome looking and disturbing at the same time that I couldn't do anything after I left the theater but ponder what I'd seen. The movie is definitely not for little kids. There is an abandonment scene that totally wrenches your heart. The movie succeeds where I never knew a movie could succeed. Verbalizing it is difficult. It definitely had my interest 100% of the time. And Teddy, the Super Toy teddy bear, has a low and lumbering voice that is both eerie and assuring. I want one! They are coming out with one, actually. I hope he can run and perhaps walk my dog every day. That's definitely what we should do if we discover how to program sentient machines, or mechas as they are called in the film. We should make the car sentient. That way people won't be able to do some of the more stupid things they pull while in a hurry. They could even drive themselves, although I am not sure how they will feel if you should junk the car. This would go perfectly with the a KnightRider theme. Maybe all cars should sound like KIT. That would be cool. Excuse me while I giggle like a school girl.

I am presenting some of my prototypes to a steering committee tomorrow that is going to decide the next steps for this multimillion dollar project. No sweat, right? My prototypes' love is real, but they are not.

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