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save houston's historic district

2006.07.26 18.37

Two very important historical buildings in the Houston community risk demolition. Please join me in expressing public distain over this outrage! Below is information on how to help.

The River Oaks is the oldest functioning movie theater in the fourth largest city in America. It is one of the only great venues left for independent films. Also in danger is the old Alabama Theater, now a Bookstop. While it's no longer a functioning theater, its integrity and artwork have been preserved.

Unfortunately, our local historical sites protection is very limited. We must insight a public outcry to have a chance at saving them. Please use whatever resources you might have to bring attention to this travesty.

-- Johnny Foster

Jef Rouner spoke with the Houston Preservation Alliance and has come back with this:
Calling the GHPA won't do much good. They suggest that everyone that has a concern to write a letter to the following person at Weingarten Realty, and copy the Mayor and Council Member Ada Edwards with the concerns. They recommend that the letter should include points such as the historical significance of the buildings, cultural significance of the theatre, that it meets the needs of the community it serves, and that there are few places in Houston where one can walk from their homes to enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment.

This is the contact information:

Mr. Drew Alexander, CEO Weingarten Realty
PO Box 924133
Houston TX 77292-4133

cc Mayor Bill White City of Houston
PO Box 1562
Houston TX 77251

cc Council Member Ada Edwards City of Houston, District D
900 Bagby, First Floor
Houston TX 77002

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